And all for what?

So it’s 10am on a Tuesday morning and this isn’t much of a blog post rather than me just expressing my thoughts. So I don’t know how long or short this is about to be as I just grabbed my laptop and spontaneously decided to analyse my thoughts, so here we are. If there is no structure to this, don’t be surprised.

We all try so desperately hard to prove ourselves and it’s all for what? We go on holidays and take a million pictures, of which we will upload 3, and it’s all for what? Why do we always feel a need to gain some sort of approval from people? Surely, if we really did not care at all for what others think of us and our lives, we would never bother to post anything online. We are surely searching for a reaction of some sort, surely, right?

We go to concerts and parties and take videos that we put on our stories and it’s all for what? So that we can remember it? So that other people who weren’t there can experience it too? (but since when did we care so much for others in that sense) Or so that others can know we are there and know this is the life we are living and know you are having fun? Why do we constantly feel the need to show people…prove to people…that we are having fun, that we are enjoying ourselves? Why?

I admire people whose lives don’t consist of uploading snippets to the internet. I actually envy them. I hope to be among them one day because, fam, I’m tired. Just tired. We all know those people who have like 8 pictures on their Instagram and one is from 2012 and it’s of their converse, and the next is them & a group of friends graduating from school in 2015, and the latest was uploaded 8 months ago and it is a picture taken by a person who clearly has no regard for good quality or lighting or anything, but just uploaded for the sake of it. I’m trying to be like them. I’m trying to be someone who just does not care for all these petty things and just does not care for people approving me over the most minute of things.

And there is a side of me that wonders how thin is the line between self-expression and seeking other people’s approval? How thin is it? 16m? 4cm? 1nm? And how do you figure out what side of the line you are on? How do you figure out how much you care and how much you don’t? Questions, questions, questions.

What is all of this for, what’s the point in any of it at all? Carefree people must have life so easy. Because the rest of us don’t. Or at least I don’t. You claim you love your body and that that is the reason why you post so many pictures where it is accentuated, but is that true or are you posting it with an underlying need for people’s approval of this body you supposedly love? What is the line and how do you know what side of it you are on.


Why do we feel the need to show everyone everything? Someone please answer that for me because I need to know.

Anyways, good morning to everyone and I hope you have a great day.

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